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Maphack FAQ

I get the error "Diablo II not loaded".

Maphack has to be run each time you play, run Diablo II, alt-tab out, run and install maphack then alt-tab back to Diablo II.

I get the error "D2maphack.dll not found".

The file d2maphack.dll is missing, possible causes are :-
1. You ran maphack directly from the zip, that wont work anymore.
2 .You moved the files after extracting and missed the dll because by default windows hides system files.
3. Your decompression software doesnt support long filenames, rename "D2MAPHAC.DLL" to "D2MAPHACK.DLL".

I get the error "Unknown game version" or "D2maphack.dll init failed".

Either your using an out of date version, Diablo II was just updated or another installed hack clashes with maphack, no solution.

I can't get maphack to work with d2loader.

Run maphack as a plugin by copying all the maphack files to your d2loader plugin folder and restart d2loader, but if it can't be installed you wont see any error messages.

When I click on install nothing appears to happen.

That means its successfully installed, now play Diablo II.

Monsters don't show up on automap and pressing the toggle show monsters key has no effect.

Press F11 (default show party on automap toggle).

How can I use Maphack without a numpad?

Change the following lines in d2maphack.cfg file to use keys 0987 :-
Reveal Act Automap Key: 0x30
Toggle Visuals Key: 0x39
Toggle Monsters Key: 0x38
Toggle Level Name Key: 0x37

How do I completely uninstall Maphack?

Exit Diablo II then delete maphack files.

Can blizzard detect Maphack usage and delete my account/ban my cd key?

Not yet.

Are you going to make a version of Maphack for the mac?

No I don't have a mac, but if someone else offers to help, maybe.

I mailed you about a problem mentioned above and havent got a reply.

Read this page.