Maphack v4.3d - Realm hack for Diablo II v1.09d that reveals automap of entire act, including all quest features, cave/stairs/doorway level names, position of many shrines and thier type! Also shows all shrines sooner with different graphics for most shrine types, has toggleable full screen light radius, full infravision and sunny weather, toggable nearby monsters show on automap, hostile players and special monsters different colours, runes and charms different colours, and many settings configurable. See Maphack FAQ.

Hardcore hack - Realm hack for Diablo II v1.09d that allows creation of hardcore characters without killing diablo/baal.

Identify hack - Realm hack for Diablo II v1.09d that enables identifying items from any NPC.

Maphack config palette - Colour palette used in maphack config file.

Maphack shrine bmps - Maphack shrine graphics, edit these and send them to me if you think you can do better.

Maphack source - Cutdown source of basic map reveal for Diablo II v1.08 in C, asm.

Packet sniffer source - Simple memory packet sniffer for Diablo II v1.09 in C, asm.